Our Mission

Petro Negin Jey Co. is a distinguished name with many years of experience in supply, carry and export of bitumen in the market. The company previously operated under the name of Kardan Sanat Spadan and has since started a vast diversity of activities in the field of bitumen and other petrochemical products.

In order to achieve customer satisfaction and provide high-quality, cost-effective bitumen, this company supplies its bitumen from two reliable Iranian producers, Jey oil co. and Pasargad oil co. directly.

Offering faster delivery and customer respect, we provide logistic services with the help of experienced experts. This enables us to offer competitive prices in the market.

We have been able to export to different Asian and African countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, Uzbekistan, Georgia, India, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Kenya, and many others.

Petro Negin Jey Co. supplies products such as Penetration Bitumen in the different grades of 40-50, 60-70, and 80-100, Viscosity: VG10, VG20, VG30, and VG40, as well as other petrochemical products such as Paraffin wax, Slack wax, Base oil, R.P.O, etc. which, according to the customer's order, would be presented in various packagings; Bulk, Drums, Flexitanks and Jumbo Bags.